How to solve the CD/DVD duplicator duplicate DVD in other DVD player can’t read

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How to solve the CD/DVD duplicator duplicate DVD in other DVD player can’t read

Post  Admin on Wed May 12, 2010 12:28 am

First of all, please confirm your DVD drive whether to support the DVD + R/RW this format: if not support, I'm sorry, your DVD player cannot read DVD + RW IL CD/DVD duplicator duplicate DVD + R format blanks. You can also contact DVD drives, check whether a new Firmware can make your machine support this format IL CD/DVD duplicator of the blanks,
Next, please confirm your duplicateing file formats: if the DVD audio Video -. Please check the file format IL CD/DVD duplicator you duplicate whether dvd-rom format, if the DVD audio Data, please pay attention to your plate is done Close (closed) of Disk plate movements,BenQ DVDRW with a characteristic BookType Management software, software, please download the BenQ site, use it to set your IL CD/DVD duplicator have copied the disks format into dvd-rom format, this is the most common DVD audio formats, and all the dvd-rom drives compatible. Note that this software can only be used for the DVDRW BenQ.

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